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Wiki of bicycle and cycling infrastructure of various cities around the world. You can help us, too!

Best practices for the cycling infrastructure and urban planning for cyclists.

Examples by the cities

Choose a continent to see the cities (see Copenhagen, Sydney or São Paulo for examples):
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Examples by a type of infrastructure

See design solutions by a type of bicycle infrastructure:

Long story

Bicycles work in the world – they really do. I have traveled all over the world mapping bicycle and cycling infrastructure. I like to observe various solutions for the city cyclists around the world. I see that a guide to good planning for the cyclists would help with good design of bicycle lanes, crossings and in the long term also safety of the urban transport.

This wiki strives to be a database of quality information on the bicycle infrastructure of the cities around the world. It will include personal observations as well as the factual data and stats.

If you:

  • are an urban cyclist
  • observe bicycle infrastructure
  • design or plan cycling infrastructure or urban (and street) space in general

please, help us to improve current content by adding information on the cities you know well.

All photos are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 license, if not stated otherwise. Full attribution with a link to this website required.

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