Bicycle and cycling infrastructure of Bratislava

Cycling infrastructure consists mostly of tourist-aimed paths along the river Danube or in the Small Carpathian mountains. Intracity cycling infrastructure is very limited to few separate, unconnected lanes or bidirectional paths. City center has recently received more attention in the terms of bicycle parking (racks) and pictocorridors.


  • Integrated infrastructure (lanes): Very limited
  • Segregated infrastructure (lanes/paths): Partially (mostly tourist-oriented along the river and in the mountains)

Roads and intersections

  • Road signs: Partially
  • Traffic lights: No
  • Intersections: No
  • Bike boxes: Partially (narrow ones for one cyclist only)
  • Roundabouts: No
  • Bicycle streets: No

Exceptions for cyclists

  • Contraflow lanes for cyclists on one ways: No
  • Multi-purpose (bus) lanes: No

Bicycle parking facilities

  • Parking: Partially (racks mostly in the center only)

Sidewalk cycling status

  • Parking: Not allowed, but tolerated

Bicycle sharing system (Public bicycles)

  • Bike sharing system: None


  • Cycling Coalition - the Slovak NGO consults and offers solutions to improve city space for cyclists

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